Neurological Therapy

Neurological Therapy Midland, TX

Paradigm Physical Therapy and Sports Science Center specializes in the treatment of patients with neurological disorders. Using various methods of tone inhibition and muscle facilitation, the patient is able to achieve the highest level of functional return. These techniques and their proper application are crucial in the rehabilitation of central nervous system disorders. Peripheral neuropathies, such as carpal, cubital, and tarsal tunnel syndromes, along with sciatica, are also expertly treated at Paradigm. Our vestibular and balance rehabilitation program is used to treat a wide variety of balance disorders.


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Therapies Available

-Advanced gait and balance techniques
-Vestibulo-ocular reflex activities
-Adaptive training
-Patient and family education
-Serial casting Neuro-developmental Techniques
-Sensory Integration

Help Improve or Repair

-CVAs, head / brain injuries
-Peripheral nerve damage
-Carpal, cubital, and tarsal tunnel syndromes
-Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Parkinson’s Disease

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