David T.

From booking my appointment to seeing Dr. William H. Dodson, to billing; everything at Paradigm was professional and customer focused. Unfortunately, I was just visiting Odessa and was not able to complete my rehabilitation with Paradigm. The staff was extremely understanding and gave me instructions on how to rehab at home. They also forwarded my information and assessment to my hometown therapist for future therapy. Excellent staff, Great Customer Service, Highly Recommended!

Neta S.

I broke my wrist after a fall and wore a full arm cast for 8 weeks in 2007. After the cast came off, I experienced extreme pain in my fingers and was unable to use my hand at all. I was then diagnosed with RSD and prescribed pain meds and basically told to go home and suffer. Luckily I was referred to Paradigm and Bill Dodson. He was extremely professional and outlined a complete therapy program for me. I did not have insurance at the time so I was hesitant to begin therapy but Paradigm worked out a payment plan with me and I am so glad they did. After a few weeks of therapy I had complete use of my hand back and with no pain anymore I was able to stop taking all pain meds. I would highly recommend Paradigm and their professional staff.

Website Guest Review

My wish is for all who are going through what I went through, to listen to what I have to say. While working lifting heavy pipes I hurt a disc on my lower back. Upon going to an orthopedic, he recommended surgery and stated that a steroid injection nor physical therapy would help. I sought other opinions, and the third neurosurgeon recommended injection and therapy before surgery. The injection was scheduled in 2 months, at which time I was under going physical therapy, and canceled the injection because I was feeling a 90% recovery. I was then given 2 more weeks of therapy at which time I felt was sufficient for me to feel almost 100% recovered. This is why I recommend Paradigm in Odessa TX, because I’m certain they will help you as well. I’m not exaggerating, it’s their work that speaks for itself because it helps. That’s why I want to say, “Thank You, Dr. Dodson and staff for helping me walk normal again. I’m in good health and without medication. You saved me from surgery, and I’m grateful.” I recommend Paradigm to all the public, for their compassion towards me; it means a lot. If at any time I caused any staff member to experience a bad moment, I apologize; I was not acting with bad intent. If I don’t state my name it because I’m not used to it, because the name isn’t important. What is important is the quality of work that you all gave me. Sincerely, the recovered and grateful patient.

Rodriguez Family

We’d like to share our family’s experience with anyone who is hurt and in pain, in hope that you will consider therapy as a first option. Our 78 year-old father was very active up until his injury. While lifting, he herniated two discs which caused him slant his posture to the left, and needed assistance with a walker, to support him in standing upright. His normal day-to-day activity came to a standstill because he could not take more than 10 steps without pain. He was desperate to relieve his pain and discomfort and return to his routine and believed surgery was the solution. We sought 3 opinions, the first 2 only recommended surgery, but we didn’t lose hope, and it was the third doctor who recommended physical therapy before considering surgery. Therapy was difficult at times, but the pain from recovering from surgery wasn’t going to feel any better. Six weeks after undergoing therapy, he no longer needed the walker, only a cane for balance. After 8 weeks of therapy he has fully recovered and is in better posture than before his injury. Paradigm has been used twice by our family and we can attest to their compassionate environment, and their collaboration with the patient and family, to ensure the best treatment and recovery. We are grateful to Dr. Dodson and his staff, for all that they do.

Superpages User

I had a life-changing experience at Paradigm Physical Therapy. Prior to being seen here I was unable to walk properly due to a knee injury. After surgery my doctor referred me to them. Within a matter of a month, I was back walking. Everyone there was very nice, extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dana D.

I went to podiatrist’s and orthopedic doctors for years. All they wanted to do was put me in a boot for my foot or shoot the foot up with shots. Dr. Bill Dodson treated the issues I was having, with dry needling and physical therapy. Let me tell you, within 6 weeks, I had my life back. I could go shopping, buy groceries and clean my house like I use to do when I was much younger. He not only worked miracles on my foot, he also worked miracles on my lower back. Before Dr. Dodson got hold of me, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be in a mobile chair as I got older. He said ‘nope!’ Will not accept that! I would tell everyone to go see him as soon as possible. Don’t resign yourself to pain, accept his treatment and live your life!

Google User

They have really amazing staff, they’re people of integrity, great skills and love they work and love people. Thank you! Highly recommend to everyone.

Carol W.

I went in with some pretty bad neck/shoulder/arm pain. I had to reach over with my left arm to shift gears in the car! After Dr. Dodson’s prescribed therapy, including dry needling, I am much better! He and his therapists are AWESOME. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I needed to (hopefully not ???? ) or to refer a friend (which I have!).

Audrey Smith

I was in car accident, rear ended at a red light in March 2015. I was in bad shape and in a lot of pain and sleepless nights even throwing up through out the night and day I left arm going numb and shoulder area in extreme pain and taking pain medications that did nothing to help me cope with the pain I went to Bill Dodson physical therapy for about 2 months that was the best thing for me I felt better and was able to function more after each session that I had I really enjoyed the personal attention and time from him and his well-trained staff very genuine and caring people the environment was wonderful made my healing of my shoulder and arm area easier to get through a lot hard work to get the full function of this area back so if you’re ever needing to heal your body this will be the place to do it and the staff and doctor to do it for you.
God bless, and thanks again Dr. Bill Dodson.
Love ya!

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