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With thousands of patients served, we provide the highest standard of care and get results.

Paradigm physical therapy is where you go when you want to make a full recovery.

We provide outpatient physical therapy services in the Odessa Midland Area.  Our team specializes in hands on physical therapy. Every day we work hard to improve the quality of our patient’s lives.

Stop Hurting, Start Living

Over the last 28 years, We’ve helped thousands of patients with hands-on physical therapy that works!

The Paradigm difference is evident from your very first visit. Your amazing therapist will complete a thorough analysis of your pain and discuss what a full recovery looks like. Together you will map out a customized recovery plan that will help get you feeling better. You deserve the best possible outcome and we will do everything we can to get your full healthy life back.

Hands-On Physical Therapy

Each patient seen at Paradigm Physical Therapy is given the best possible care. Each of our clinicians will provide a thorough analysis of your needs. After assessing your needs, we’ll work with you, and educate you on the process of your treatments.

Cutting Edge Techniques

Dr. Bill Dodson holds multiple patents in the technology used by therapists across the united states. We use the most advanced tools to determine the best modality of treatment needed for your injury. Your initial visit will be thorough and provide insight on how to begin your treatments.

Welcoming Environment

We treat our patients like family. From the moment you walk in our doors, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile. We care deeply about the well-being of our patients, and it begins with our customer service. We understand the challenges associated with being injured, and we want to help.

Dedicated Staff

We treat hundreds of patients weekly. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing staff.  Ensuring that each patient receives the highest level of care requires our staff to go above and beyond. We know that you will appreciate their dedication to your well-being.




Did you know in the state of Texas you can be evaluated by a physical therapist without a referral from your physician or healthcare professional? Physical Therapists are an important part of the health care system and provide cost-effective access for patients with a variety of medical or musculoskeletal conditions.

Where Is Your Pain?

Select a part of the body to see common causes of pain, symptoms, and treatment options.

Head, Jaw & Vertigo

Shoulder & Rotator Cuff

Knee Pain

Ankle,  Foot & Plantar Fasciitis

Hip & Sciatica

Wrist, Hand & Carpal Tunnel

Back & Spine


Tennis Elbow

Pelvic Floor Therapy

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Frequently asked questions

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

What do I need to bring?

Because you’ll be receiving a thorough evaluation, comfortable clothing is preferred. If at all possible, please provide your insurance information and driver’s license prior to your initial visit. 

Click this LINK to upload your documentation. If you have a referral from your provider, please send this as well. 


What insurances do you accept?

Most private insurances, medicare, Medicaid, workers compensation, VA, and letters of protection. 

How Do I Cancel my Appointment?

To cancel an appointment, please call the office to reschedule the appointment.  Click here to call and reschedule.

Do I need a referral?

Because Dr. Bill Dodson has a doctor of physical therapy and has completed advanced certifications, a referral is not required for the first 15 business days. 

How Do I Get the Most out of a Consultation?

The initial evaluation at Paradigm Physical Therapy is very comprehensive.  You may want to bring questions, radiograph results such as MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans.

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