Paradigm has pioneered its own in-house system for Pre-Employment testing. Custom-designed software allows the employer to define what parameters to test a candidate with and set thresholds for a match. A potential employee is thoroughly tested by a trained clinician, and their abilities are compared with the custom defined limits. Paradigm software then returns a professional, easy-to-understand report detailing those parameters, with a match or no-match for each candidate. With highly customizable testing parameters, an employer can quickly and easily design an appropriate Pre-Employment exam for potential employees to be evaluated against.

Drug Screening

Paradigm also offers full drug screening services, with locally processed results. Drug screenings can be completed quickly and professionally within 24 hours or less.

Paradigm Pre-Employment Benefits

  • Employer definable testing parameters
  • Custom designed pre-employment software
  • Professional pre-employment reports showing parameters for a match / no-match
  • Quick turnaround for testing, often in as little as one hour